WENDY JENSEN is a musician, composer and artist from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Music has been an integral part of this musician's life for over 35 years with over twenty years experience in stage performance.

As a composer, Wendy finds influence from composers like Yann Tiersen, James Horner, James Newton Howard. Some of her favorite Canadian artists include Loreena McKennitt, Jim Cuddy/Blue Rodeo, Sarah McLachlan and Joni Mitchell. Wendy is an "audiophile-fan"  and credits her unique sound and style to her eccentric tastes in music.

Wendy's music is available for licensing privately or through SOCAN. Rates for television and film soundtracks are negotiable. Songs can be used as written or tailored made. Wendy uses Cubase PRO 7.0 for all recordings and strictly focuses on instrumental tracks pulling from her classical roots.

In 2017, Wendy retired from stage performance and took a long break from music. During that time, Wendy worked with various art mediums. Explore some of Wendy's work by clicking on the image on the right. 

Are you looking for original album art or digital art for a music video? Wendy works with Corel Painter Essentials and has invested in over a dozen brush packs to wow you with. Wendy has signed up with Pexel Library. You can also buy Wendy's art on Alamy.

Wendy is also an avid photographer and shoots with a Nikon P900. She has an interest in nature photography and astrophotography.

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