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Hi there.

Thank you for stopping by. I am back after a long break from music production with a renewed energy and passion for music. I have worked hard to upgrade my home studio so I can produce top-notch quality music for you. However. These upgrades take time and cost a lot of money. To create professional sounding music, you need professional equipment to work with.

Finishing music, mixing, mastering and visiting professional studios can cost a lot of money. I have found a Hollywood, 6x Grammy award winning mixer who has offered to work with me at $500 per song. Any money you could help to donate to this cause would greatly help.

Now with the music world focusing on streaming music, it makes it nearly impossible for musicians to earn money. Put it this way - if an artist earns 1 million streams - they are only receiving $3000 CDN in revenue. How many independent artists do you know that have reached that milestone? There aren't too many.

I am asking for your help in contributing funds to further upgrade my studio. Below are some products that I am interested in and are a must have for home studios. Any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Money spent on upgrades: $3000.00 to date.

Money required for future upgrades: $5000.00.

Thank you for your continued support.

Wendy Jensen

  Wendy Jensen Music


Gear Wish-List

Roland HP digital piano - see video below

Audio Interface - see video below

VST Instruments - East - West Hollywood Strings / Series


Computer Upgrades:

Mac PRO - 


Mixing/Mastering Costs:

Per song - $500.00


Website Maintenance, domain registration and publishing costs:

$50.00 monthly