WENDY JENSEN is a musician from Edmonton, AB, Canada. Music has been a part of Wendy's life for over 35 years. She has been performing on stage since her first piano recital at seven years old. She went on to compete in local music festivals and completed the grade nine exam with the Royal Conservatory of Music program.  Today, Wendy is an accomplished composer and performs every Sunday at the Ansgar Danish Church in Edmonton - a place she calls "home".



By age thirteen, Wendy had picked up the clarinet in the junior high school band and went onto compete and perform with the Edmonton All City Senior Band. In 1995, the same year Wendy graduated from high school, she also won first place in a solo performance in the Kiwanis Music Festival. In 1997, Wendy finished with the Senior Band as Principle Chair, Principle Clarinet and was awarded a solo piano performance in the season finale. The Senior Band often traveled and competed across the province and Wendy participated in the Banff Music Festival.



In 2005, Wendy applied for a partial scholarship with the Royal Canadian College of Organists and was awarded enough money for six months of organ lessons. She studied weekly with Tammy-Jo Mortensen of Robertson-Wesley United Church and became the resident musician for the Ansgar Danish Church. Through the church Wendy has hosted concerts with local musicians, and has planned music programs for fundraising events, coffee house sing-alongs, weddings, funerals and baptisms. Wendy has worked with dozens of families over the years to help prepare music programs suitable for special events.



Up until Wendy's retirement from stage performance in 2017, Wendy had performed in notable festivals on opening nights such as the Edmonton Kaleido Festival and donated her time to charitable fundraisers such as Connecting for Kids, and Safe and Caring Schools. Wendy event spent a year in 2003 as an online radio DJ with a small internet station called Radio Gets Wild.